Please follow the cancellation instructions provided in the confirmation e-mail sent to you. If you will not stay at the hotel, then you are obliged to notify the hotel in writing at least 2 days before. In case any cancellation, only the room and other extra charges are refunded to the relevant credit card within a week.

No payment will be made to another account or credit card.

Emerald Hotel unconditionally reserves its right to change the cancellation and no-show conditions for special days. For example, some bookings cannot be cancelled and refunded.
For the guests not checking in to the hotel without any cancellation within two-day period, the amount related to first accommodation night is not refunded to the guests.

However, some bookings cannot be cancelled and all days are charged as no-show.

Emerald Hotel’s website is built by providing the highest care and attention possible. Our website contains most up-to-date information about our hotels.

Our hotels reserve their rights to update any information such as rates, availability and promotion. Our hotels shall not be held liable for any price or availability differences arising from this.
As the rates and availabilities in our website are determined by our hotels, Emerald Hotel reserves its right on these rates and availabilities unless otherwise provided.