Special Conditions and Confidentiality

The trust you have for making your hotel booking online through emeraldhotel.com.tr is very important for us. Therefore, we duly keep and protect the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information (including your credit card details).

Collecting information

While booking in our hotel, you will be asked to complete some online forms in order to provide information including your name, (home or work) address, (work or personal) e-mail address, (mobile, home or work) phone number, credit card details (credit card type and number, CVC code, expiry date, name of credit card holder), booking, smoking room, extra Turkish bath, sauna and transfer as much detail as possible. This information is required for processing, realizing and completing your booking (including sending e-mail for the confirmation of booking).

Disclosure of personal information

We request the following information from you related to our services for the following reasons:
Booking requests: Other than the disclosures, judicial investigations, summons and court orders, we keep your name and credit card details in the hotel booked in order to complete your booking.

emeraldhotel.com.tr observes tight security procedures in order to prevent the misuse of and unauthorized access to personal information pursuant to the personal data protection laws in Turkey and Europe.